5 Tips for Attending Non-Paleo Parties

‘Tis the season! Family gatherings. Office holiday parties.  Potluck dinners with friends. 

Being on a restricted diet can feel, well, restricting around the holiday time. But there’s a lot of opportunity to keep the ball in your court. Here are some tips that have helped me get through these social gatherings without losing my mind around food.


1. BYOS – Bring Your Own Snack

Bringing a homemade snack or dessert to share with everyone will do a few things. One, it will help you feel included. “Hey, everyone! Look at the delicious food I brought.”

2. Eat Before You Arrive

Have you ever gone to the grocery store hungry? Bad news bears. You get there and you’re thinking, “Of course I need this family size package of Double Stuf Oreos for myself”…sigh…Curb the cravings and avoid temptation by fueling your body before you leave the house. You’ll be less tempted to snack on garbage at the party.

3. Grab A Buddy

Accountability is a strong force. Ask a friend to politely keep tabs on you. You know that look your mom gives you when you’re trying to sneak food right before dinner? That’s sure to make you think twice about eating those cookies. This reminder can be any sort of distraction just as simple as diverting your attention to something else.


4. Avoid Defensiveness

It’s easy to get caught up in the limitations of your diet. People are bound to ask questions. Go into as much depth as you’d like. But my personal advice is not to get too defensive or try to overcompensate for your healthy decision. It might show you aren’t secure in this lifestyle change. Actions speak louder than words. The cartoon I created above is my go-to response.

5. Carry A Drink

Always hold a drink in your hand. Sparkling water. Juice. A cup of nothing. It doesn’t matter. When other guests see you holding something they are less likely to keep asking you why you aren’t drinking or eating anything. Security blanket or not, it works. This was suggested by Eileen of Phoenix Helix and has been such useful advice!

Any other tips? Share in the comments.

Party on, my friends!

3 thoughts on “5 Tips for Attending Non-Paleo Parties

  1. alexafederico

    Great list of tips! The drink one is a great one I never thought of doing. I have been in that situation before just awkwardly standing around with nothing to do!

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