Gifts for People with Crohn’s and Colitis

As the holiday season approaches it’s only fitting to supply a list of what to get your loved one. Your loved one with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Sure, you can get them another sweater like everyone else. But why not say you care about them a little stronger.

7 Gifts to Buy for Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis Fighters


1. Plush organs

Add a little humor to the situation. We want to be able to laugh with our friends and family who support us. Plus, how cute is this? It even looks like it can double as a neck pillow! Imagine that on an airplane. This is also a cute gift for anyone undergoing a colectomy.


2. The Great Bowel Movement T-shirts

There’s a bunch of different items. Check out their special edition Phoenix Constellation tees!


3. Poop books

What’s your poo telling? It’s a silly bathroom read, but you can never be too educated by your bowel movements!

ulcerative-colitis-what-is-your-poo-telling-you-book4. A Back Massager

This might seem like a gift for anyone, but those with Crohn’s and colitis know aches and pains all too well. It’s better than buying us a massage at a spa. We don’t have to make an appointment and we can get up any time to use the restroom.


5. Pretty Toiler Paper

We’re in the bathroom. A LOT! So why not make that experience less terrible for your loved one with Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis? Toilet paper is a necessity but we use so much of it that it might as well be fun, too! Some general stores even sell pink, green, or blue shaded paper that is easier to find.



6. I Pooped Today 

Okay, this is simply hilarious. A colleague of mine gifted me this pin and I still laugh when I see it. Perfect gag gift this holiday.


7. Healing Tea

Another comforting gift is the gift of healing. Turmeric and ginger have many anti-inflammatory properties. This tea is soothing and healing.


8. Movie night

Offer to spend the night at their place. Sometimes all we want is not having to worry about going out to the movies. We want your company, but not the process of leaving the house. You bring the snacks. Movie. Blankets. Hugs. Turn the lights off and treat them to company and a good flick.



Your thoughtful gifts won’t just say, “I got this for you”. They will say, “I got this for you because I care about what you’re going through”. 

What do you think?

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