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March 22nd is my Ulcerative Colitis diagnosis anniversary. I couldn’t think of a better post today than running you through the colonoscopy prep! Ahh yes, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Those of us with IBDs know the process all too well. And those of you who are approaching 50 years old, it’s TIIIIME! This post will cover what to eat the day before your colonoscopy. Blue Jell-o doesn’t cut it if you’re on the paleo diet.

****For those of you who have never had a colonoscopy or have no idea how candid and unfiltered my blog is then you are in for a treat, my friends!


What is a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a procedure in which your gastroenterologist slips a snake-like camera up your butt. He fishes around in there to scope things out and see what’s up with your guts. It’s completely harmless and you don’t feel a thing. You will be under anesthesia. I can imagine the anesthesia is used less to shield you from any pain and more to prevent you from tightening your butt the moment you feel a foreign object ready to get all up in there. Don’t worry, the doctor isn’t looking forward to the process anymore than you are.

What is a colon prep?

In order to see the bowels properly you must have squeaky clean intestines. There’s only one easy way to flush those babies out.

I found this to be particularly ironic because I was already pooping 10-20 times a day so to take medicine to make me poop more was absolutely devastating.

What should I eat during the prep?

The day before your procedure you cannot eat solid foods. Liquids only. No red liquids. That gets confusing to the doctor. “Is this blood or Kool-Aid?” Here is a list of PALEO specific liquids you can consume during your prep.

coconut water

Remember two things: Maintain nutrients and stay hydrated!! Bone broth and coconut water tackle both of those areas the best. Stock up on both prior to your prep.

What should I expect?

After you start taking the prep medicine to make you go you CANNOT LEAVE THE HOUSE. Don’t even try it. DO NOT PLAN ANYTHING that day. You are literally going to be pooping on and off for hours. You will not be able to control these movements. I repeat; you may actually poop your pants if you don’t leave them unbuttoned/unzipped. Wear loose pajama or yoga pants.

Bring something to read or write in the bathroom.

After you take the medicine you will feel the urge and… then it begins. You’re going to be wiping your butt more times than you can count. So prep with fresh bathroom wipes. Dry toilet paper will leave you very uncomfortable.

Whatever you eat you will see. If you have yellow and blue liquids guess what color you’re going to see in the toilet? Yes, the melting Hulk.


Once you’re cleaned out drink more water and get to bed. Hopefully the medicine works appropriately so you’re only pooping during the afternoon and not while you’re trying to sleep. The next morning will be your procedure.

ENJOY! Happy prepping!

9 thoughts on “Paleo Colonoscopy Prep

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  2. Amy

    Thank you so much for this! Mine is next week and it will be my first! So NOT looking forward to it and they’re doing an endoscopy with it…so guess they’ll be able to meet in the middle and shake hands! LOL My doctor said I could have milk and breads…at which I just looked at her blankly and blinked. So this was very helpful and I’m going to get these items this weekend! I didn’t think we could have coconut, however (at least what I was told), but the coconut water would really help if I can. I’ll have to confirm that one. Thanks again!

  3. Joy Clarkson

    Thank you for the advice – I was very discouraged looking at the list provided by my doctor for colonoscopy prep – full of sugar and dairy items, my two main triggers for rheumatic flare. It helped me to read that others are making a way to prep without everything in the world that literally makes me sick.

  4. Rich

    Thank you for this. However, I was given directions for 7 days. Day before instructions are all the same but they want me to eliminate nuts, seeds, fresh vegetables and fresh fruit week before. So yeah, I’m a little concerned about how to approach this. I’m getting sense this may be a little over the top and/or I could modify this… Thoughts?

    1. Mangia Paleo

      I suggest to do what your doctor said as they know your individual situation best. To be honest, I usually eliminate high residue foods about a week before my prep anyways. It makes the prep easier and less of a chance for seeds, etc getting caught – plus seeds rocketing out of your bum during prep is always a bad time. lol

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