Tips for Managing a UC Flare

If there is one thing I want to communicate through this blog it is that people with Crohn’s and Colitis are not alone. There are tons of people with an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). In fact, about 1.4 million Americans alone are diagnosed with either Crohn’s or colitis. However, not a lot of us talk about it. We don’t LOOK sick, so it mustn’t be that bad, right? Wrong. I understand the symptoms are not a popular topic of discussion. But try to talk about it. Make jokes if you have to. The more people you tell the larger your support system becomes.
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Just when you feel like you’re doing well you have a set back. What do you do to help guide yourself into remission?

Here are some key areas you want to be mindful of when experiencing a flare:


This is the only time your body can recharge. Sleep deprivation prevents your body from warding off infection and building your immune system. Your colon needs rest too. Know how much sleep you need. If you have to go to bed at 8pm and cancel a hot date or put off chores who cares! Take care of your body first.


Water is so essential when you have UC and especially when you’re in a flare. Water to your body is like oil to a car. You gotta get things moving around in your intestine somehow! Keeping hydrated is more important to those who have an IBD. Your colon’s job is to remove water, salt, and other nutrients from the food you eat. If it doesn’t have enough water it could really worsen your flare.

Bone broth.

Drink bone broth in the morning instead of coffee. This is packed with nutrients and is very easy to digest. It also gives the colon a rest and allows it to heal while you are still getting all the proper nutrients. Check out my bone broth recipe here.

A journal.

Keep a journal of your food consumption and bathroom trips. Jot down when you are feeling stressed, drinking less water, not sleeping well, or eating something different. You’ll get to know what things trigger a flare so you can avoid them.

Don’t get cocky.

So you haven’t had a flare up in months. CONGRATS! But don’t get overly confident. You’re feeling good for a reason so don’t try to test things and change your diet. It’s a risk that might not end well.

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Get sleep. Drink water. Rest. Breathe. Listen to your gut (pun intended). Most importantly: tell people. Talk about it. The more people you tell the larger your support system becomes. Having a sense of community makes being bloated and pooping blood seem a bit less frightening.

*Please be mindful when you are experiencing a flare it is important to see a doctor. Although the information above is meant to help guide remission it is in no way meant to replace necessary medicine.

12 thoughts on “Tips for Managing a UC Flare

  1. vivianmadeline

    I want to offer another tip. I don’t have UC, but I am dealing with histamine intolerance & undermethylation while getting over a gut infection (all inflammatory conditions that have to do with the gut). Boil some fresh GINGER WATER! Boil it until the water turns yellow (15-20 min). It is my savior when I’m having a bad reaction. It tames the inflammation and makes it so much more bearable.

  2. MySpecificCarbohydrateDiet

    These are all such good points, and I agree with all of them. I also know that you should cut back on exercising when you’re flaring. I never used to, and it really can prolong it and injure you further. Also, at the start of your article, I think you meant ‘inflammatory’ instead of ‘irritable’. I always get touchy when people compare my UC to IBS. I know that’s not really fair of me though! Thanks for this helpful piece.

  3. Dena

    I have just happened upon your blog as Ihave been encouraged to try to go Paleo. Your post above has brought me to tears. I have had Crohn’s for 10+ years now. I don’t know anyone else who has it. The past year I’ve had two obstructions and I am nearly six months post partial resection. I was hoping, praying to go into remission after surgery. But, alas, I am in the midst of a months-long flare up. I hate this disease. HATE. IT. As far as diet, the doc just tells me to avoid triggers. So frustrating. Thank you for being forthcoming about the disease. I’m looking forward to wandering through your site.

    1. mangiapaleo Post author


      I’m so sorry to hear about your frustrations with your flare. We’ve all been there… HANG IN! You will come out of this and live comfortably soon. I hope some diet changes will help. Bone broth is a great start so maybe that will help nourish you. There’s a great non-profit group called The Great Bowel Movement (cute, i know) where you can find a ton of other people living with this disease. We are a resilient bunch, IBDers, I mean. You got this!!


  4. Krystal

    Just came across your site for the first time, and I want to day thank you for all of your information. I’m in the midst of a stubborn 3 month long flare up, and I’m hoping to heal with the help of a paleo diet. I hope to be in remission soon.

    1. mangiapaleo Post author

      Hi Krystal,

      I’m so glad you’ve connected with my blog as well. I hope diet (amongst some other helpful lifestyle tips throughout my blog) help guide your remission.
      Wishing you comfort soon. <3


  5. noelledaykin

    I am brand spankin’ new to this blog, and I am loving it. I’ve had UC since 2011. Starting having major troubles/flare up this past year (2 months after I got married….Coincidence?….) I am still having issues daily. I am constantly googling things on what I can do to help myself to no avail. Last night I stumbled upon Robb Wolf with this Paleo diet and was really encouraged. Thus, I landed here. I am so excited to know there could be a solution for me and all of us! I never understand how doctors say that food really doesn’t effect UC. Bullllllsh%*#$.

    I am also excited to know that there other people like me out there, I feel as if I have a mini support system now.

    So, thanks for doing what you’re doing.

    Ohioan- 26- Female
    Hobbies: Talks about poops, and buys new underwear often

    1. mangiapaleo Post author

      Hi Noelle,

      Your comment made me laugh. Those hobbies are great! haha.
      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. Sorry to hear about your flare. Stress definitely sets mine ablaze so I can imagine everything with your wedding did not help. Congratulations, by the way! Diet is a great way to keep things in check so I truly hope it works wonders for your symptoms.
      Hopefully you will join my community on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram to meet more IBDers. You’ll find the mini support system is not so mini. 🙂


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