Packaged Paleo Snacks

Below are foods that you can take with you almost anywhere.

UPDATE 2015!
After a year of searching for the best paleo snack options I’ve updated this blog post to include my favorite new finds.


Hail Merry Miracle Tarts
Hail Merry full of grace the chocolate is with thee. This is the best paleo dessert on the planet. The first time I tried it I honestly didn’t believe it was paleo. Other treats are available but the tarts are my favorite. They’ll need to be refrigerated and are the best $5 you’ll spend on a paleo dessert. I dare you to eat only half.







Not all flavors are paleo. But most are. Try cashew cookie, apple pie, banana bread, chocolate coconut chew, and a few more. They are around $1 and are often on sale. You can even find them at Target.


Raw Revolution bars
Similar to Larabars, these can be found in grocery stores and natural food stores. Sometimes they are also on sale for a buck a pop.



Exo protein bars

Did someone say crickets? These bars are similar to a Larabar or Raw Revolution except BETTER and PACKED with protein from, well, cricket flour! My favorite is blueberry vanilla.


Steve’s Original Paleo Granola
Steve’s Original brand can be found online and they have a ton of paleo snacks like granola bars, granola cereal, jerky, and other goodies. It also helps a good cause. Check them out here.
palelo krunchPaleonola

Paleonola is also a great cereal replacement. I find it at WholeFoods.


Most brands in the store have nitrates, sugar, and msg. They are also not grass fed feed. Check out Steve’s Original or Epic Bars instead. If you must cheat there is a brand called Krave they sell at Walmart or Target or something that is nitrate and gluten free but have cane sugar.
steves-original-chicken-jer epic







Plantain Chips and Wholly Guacamole
Most packaged plantain chips are roasted with processed oils, but will do the trick. Wholly Guacamole brand is paleo and they even come in convenient 100 calorie packs.
paleo chipsdev-guac-large-classic







Super Seedz
These crunchy gourmet pumpkin seeds come in many flavors AND are local to my home state, Connecticut! Not all flavors are paleo as some contain sugar, but most are approved! You can sometimes find them in Marshalls and even Big Y supermarket now around $5.

Kale Chips
This crunchy treats can be found in the obvious stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and are a bit pricy at $6-$8 for 3ounces depending on the brand. Pricey, so if you have time you can make your own in 30 minutes.
kale chipskale krunch







Bare Fruit Apple Chips
Just apple. Maybe cinnamon too. It’s simple and about $3 a bag. I found these at HomeGoods.
bare fruit


Baby Food
Not kidding. I have eaten those baby food to-go packets regularly. It’s just pureed fruit and veggies! Most are under 3.5 ounces so it’s great to bring on airplanes.
baby food

Unsweetened Applesauce


saber tooth

Wait… that last one isn’t right…..

Don’t be fooled by the FAKE LABELED paleo packaged food! Are you eating any of these by mistake?



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