Watercress Beet Salad with Goat Cheese

There’s nothing more refreshing than the crispy watercress, smooth tone of the beets, and salty tart cheese to satisfy your palate.

To note, goat cheese is technically not paleo. However, it is considered primal. One of the main differences between a paleo and a primal diet is dairy. Because of my autoimmune inflammatory problems I choose not to eat dairy with lactose as it can aggravate inflammation. Goat cheese is one of the few cheese you can find with an unmeasurable amount of lactose.

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  • Watercress
  • Beets
  • Goat Cheese (raw, pasture-raised, etc)
  • Oil & Vinegar

You can use your favorite dressing, but I find it pairs well with simple oil and red vine vinegar and a few other herbs or spices.

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I will accompany this post with a WARNING when eating beets though. Remember that you are eating beets! How frightening is it after you use the restroom hours after lunch and forget you ate those red staining root veggies? “Omg I’m dying….wait… no…that’s just the beets. Phew!”. Those of you with Ulcerative Colitis know this feeling all too well. So remember what you eat as to not panic.

Otherwise, MANGIA!

What do you think?

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