What are people saying about Mangia Paleo?


The following are all direct quotes from complete strangers via Instagram, Email, and Facebook.

  • Finally someone dishing out real world advice, normal looking food recipes with a dash of humor towards the ‘situation’ we live with daily.
  • I read your entire blog and it had me laughing out loud multiple times! Thanks for being so awesome and candid about your experiences and thoughts.
  • This is my new favorite blog.
  • I was diagnosed with colitis over three years ago. Clean eating (paleo) and crossfit has changed my life and kept me in remission! It’s so exciting meeting someone with a similar experience.
  • Last fall, I started paying more attention to my diet, which is when I started following you on instagram.  Thanks for being an inspiration and giving me new hope.
  •  I too am Italian and love to cook (and eat!) and I love flavorful foods and had a hard time figuring out how to easily make things tasteful and Paleo.  You have helped with that.
  • I love your candor.  Your blog really brings attention to an un-fun topic which is refreshing to say the least.
  • It’s great what you and your doctor are doing together and what you’re doing with your blog; you’re a huge inspiration.
  • You’re the Giada of the paleo world.
  • My family’s Italian and I think the world needs more really GOOD Italian Paleo cooking, which is why I think you’re awesome.

What do you think?