Liebster Award 3

My third nomination came from Meg at Be Paleo and Thrive. Thanks!

Here are her questions to me:
How has your diet changed since switching to a healthier lifestyle?

I have removed about 80% of what I normally ate. My default dinner was pasta and I would look forward to pizza and beer on the weekends. I can’t do anything remotely close to that now.

What improvements have you seen in your life since changing diets?

My Ulcerative Colitis symptoms are kept in check. I am currently guiding my remission with paleo. I also have stronger hair and nails, better skin, more energy, and it’s a lot easier for me to maintain a healthy weight.

What is your favorite part of being a food blogger?

My absolute favorite part is knowing I am helping people. I receive emails quite often from people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease saying that I inspire them to eat healthy. Most feedback also includes how my blog helps them feel less alone. That was the whole point in starting this so I’m very glad the message is reaching my intended audience.

Do you prefer cooking savory dishes or are you more of a baker?

If you haven’t noticed from the ratio of cooking versus baking recipes… I’m a much better cook than I am baker. Although I used to make a mean Italian cookie and pizzelles back in my non-paleo days.

What do you consider to be your best quality?

My best quality is being able to have empathy. Although it can be hard to separate myself from others emotionally, it allows me to be a better and more caring individual.

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