Best Paleo Bacon Recipes by Mangia Paleo

Happy Bacon Day! Now that Christmas is behind us it’s time to celebrate the second best holiday. 🙂 Who came up with this day anyway? According to the internet (trusted source, haha) “International” Bacon Day is really only a thing in the United States. Which kind of makes it National Bacon Day, but there’s already a National Bacon Lovers Day. Totally different thing. But then there’s another International Bacon Day in September. Frankly, every day should be bacon day so I am not complaining. 

Let the bacon begin!

1 Steamed Clams with Bacon
steamed clams and bacon

2 The Ultimate Paleo Chicken Burger

3 Shrimp & Avocado Pepper Poppers


4 Snobb Salad

5 Bacon Roses

6 Cauliflower Soup with Scallops & Crumbled Bacon

7 Spring Pea Salad
mangia-paleo-warm-spring-pea-saladSweet Potato Apple Hash
photo 1

9 Little Pig ‘Pasta’20140704-201033.jpg

10 Brunch Skewers


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