The reveal of the NEW!

Have you been to recently? You may have noticed it looks totally different. I really hope you like the facelift. It was time for a refresher because Mangia Paleo will be 2 years old in January! WOOO!!!! All thanks to you. Without you I wouldn’t have a reason to be continuing this passion. I wouldn’t have a reason to share recipes and help IBD patients. Sometimes I go to bed after a really bad day and wake up to one of the most motivating emails thanking me for my advocacy and candor or asking for help. It means so much. Thank you for your endless support and committed following. You da best.

For the past week+ I’ve dedicated countless hours, and numerous bottles of wine, to changing domain hosts and redesigning my blog. I have essentially made this switch by myself without having a clue what to do. I am a college admission counselor, not a computer programmer. Ya feel me? Some of you are probably like, “Yeah, So? Everybody knows HTML & CSS codes, WordPress plugin navigation, and domain/hosting transfer”. But not me. This was hard. The changes to you on the outside are relatively simple. But in order to do that there were big changes on the back end. And I’m not talking about that back end.

Aside from not knowing much about websites and design there was another limitation. The budget for this switch was a big fat ZIP. So, how did I do that on an admission counselor salary living in one of the most expensive states in the nation?

    1. Your donations. Remember that ‘donate’ button on my old page? Some of you clicked it and donated and I will forever love you.
    2. I sold my stuff. A little tip for you – never throw out gifts from past relationships. It might help you pay for a new web host. Thanks, boys.

Here is what changed

  • Easier to navigate archives posts
  • Categorized recipe lists
  • Cleaner look. Same Layout. (Familiarity is important for you as my long-time followers!)
  • New header with my photography, same great logo by the ever-so-talented Megan!
  • Pinterest ‘Pin It’ button on recipe photos. Happy pinning!
  • Social Media buttons to stay connected
  • Custom font
  • Next up…

  • More mobile friendly features
  • Printable recipe cards. Do I have to individually retype each recipe for this plugin? Probably. Send help. And wine.
  • Easier way to subscribe with email.
  • Better email communication. With individual email capabilities you can receive exclusive resources and private discount codes directly to your inbox. No spam. Promise.
  • Photography updates to older recipe photos. Those small iPhone photos were so 2014.
  • Better future IBD health and recipe posts!
  • What else? What would you like to see? What can change? What should not change?

    Congratulations on reading this entire post (you did, right?) without a single photo. This may have been my first post of all words. Imagine that. <3

    6 thoughts on “The reveal of the NEW!

    1. davidfindley19

      I read the whole thing, and love the new look! I love it so much that I actually logged back into my Word Press account after what has probably been years…or at least a really long time, just so I could comment!

      1. Mangia Paleo Post author

        Thank you so so much for your feedback. I’m thrilled you like the new look. Now I should look into revising the comment capabilities so You don’t have to log in! haha Another to-do possibly 🙂

    2. Sol

      Great Job and thanks for sharing. Not sure what you use but I don’t know too much about technology myself but with the help of a genius found out about bluehost so easy to just buy the domain from the same ppl hosting it!

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