Rosemary Limeade Mocktail



Is it hot in here or is it just me? As the summer starts heating up the ice trays keep filling up. Summertime cocktails are an essential part of a hot day by the pool, or out on the deck grilling some chicken burgers. And nothing is better than an ice cold margarita on the rocks. Except for this.

It’s refreshing. Thrist-quencing. Tart. Sweet. You won’t miss the tequila. Well, your digestive tract definitely won’t, at least.

I’m not sure about you but since I have ulcerative colitis I can’t drink a lot without crapping my brains out the next day. So as much as I love margaritas I just can’t do it anymore. Yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “She’s the most fun gal ever!” Anyways, the recipe is below because that’s all you want to read anyways, right? lol! Don’t worry. I gotchu.


  • 5 cups water (suggested 3 cups still, 2 cups carbonated)

  • 1 cup fresh lime juice

  • 1 cup honey

  • 5 long sprigs rosemary

  • 3 cups ice



  1. Heat honey and 1 cup still water in a small saucepan until honey is dissolved. If you’d like to add other paleo sweeteners like coconut palm sugar this is the time. You’re basically making a simple syrup.

  2. When the honey water is completely cooled, add the rest of the water, lime juice, and rosemary.
    Add the juiced limes or freshly cut limes to your serving container for extra color and pretty presentation. 

  3. Add ice if serving right away add ice. To infuse more rosemary flavor let it sit for an hour or more, then add ice before serving. 



You’ve gotta put this recipe in the limelight. SeewhatIdidthere? Enjoy!

What do you think?

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