World IBD Day Giveaway!!

May 19th is World IBD Day.

Over 5 million people worldwide struggle with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis). In the United States alone 1.4 million are affected. That’s a lot of people with ugly guts.

To raise awareness of Inflammatory Bowel Disease I am partnering with The Great Bowel Movement for a T-Shirt giveaway!

Giveaway begins Monday, May 19th 12am EST and ends Tuesday, May 20th at 5pm EST.
Winner will be notified Friday, May 23rd! Details below.

20140518-120755.jpgibd shirt
Mangia Paleo wearing T!

The tech shirt reads “IBD Can’t Stop Me” on the front with an inspiring “ask me about my IBD” phrase on the back. It can be found on their website.

Why raise awareness of IBD?

I wear my shirt as much as possible in hopes to start a conversation about my disease. When someone asks, I can tell them about how paleo guided my remission! It inspires others to take control of their disease and gives them a sense of community. Raising awareness is crucial for many reasons. Most importantly, it builds a larger network of those who understand life with Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. We shouldn’t be embarrassed. We shouldn’t hide it. The more we talk about IBD the more we learn about controlling symptoms, how to live with the disease, and how to educate others on what they can do to help.


1. “Like” Mangia Paleo on Facebook

2. Comment on the Facebook page’s giveaway post. In your comment, include one piece of advice for fellow IBDers.


1. Follow on Instagram @mangiapaleo

2. Repost the giveaway photo and hashtag #mangiapaleo so I can find it!

Begin: Monday, May 19th, 12am EST
End: Tuesday, May 20th 12pm EST

I will collect all information and add all names who enter to a random name generator. The winner will be contacted on Friday, May 23rd.


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