Pop a Squat: Squatty Potty Review

I know what you’ve been thinking, “how can I be a better pooper?”. Okay, okay, nobody thinks that. But I will answer the question for you anyway.

Last year I was dating someone with Ulcerative Colitis. It was great. He didn’t get disgusted over the fact that girls poop too. And my apartment has two bathrooms so we never had to fight in a case of a bathroom emergency. Anyways, despite his entire body being covered in superhero tattoos and discouraging me from starting this blog (frogs before the prince, give me a break) he did a very nice thing for me. One day he came over holding a big white plastic contraption. See picture below.


Usually guys bring girls things like flowers or chocolate, but he must have known who he was dating. In his hands was a Squatty Potty which would soon be my best bathroom friend.

The Squatty Potty is a toilet stool designed to position your body in the way humans were made to naturally poop.

It rests on the bathroom floor and hugs your toilet while not in use. When you’re ready to ‘go’ you slide it out and prop your feet on it. This bends your body in a squat position.


When your knees are above your hips in a squat position, the bottom of your colon and rectum relax allowing the waste to pass freely. Is this getting disgusting? Too bad. Welcome to real life.

The Squatty Potty is perfect for people who are often constipated (which you shouldn’t be if you follow paleo) or if you’re prone to hemorrhoids. Poop smarter, not harder.

Get yours now. Be a considerate and understanding guy and surprise your girl with a poop stool. But please refrain from getting the Joker tattooed on half your arm. 😉

i pooped today

Everybody poops, why not make it comfortable? And yes, I usually do look as pretty as the girl in the photo when I have bowel movements. 

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