Re-growing Scallions and Chives

Before I tell you how to re-grow this herb I’m going to clear up the difference between green onions, chives, and scallions.

Green Onions/Scallions

Green onions and scallions are essentially the same thing. These are also called spring onions in England and Australia. Is this confusing yet? These immature onions are usually hollow and have undeveloped bulbs since they are harvested early. Green onions/scallions are great for cooking and can be grilled whole.


Chives are different than green onions/scallions. They are more developed so there is a bit of a bulb on them. Chives are mostly used for their hardy green stalks while green onions are usually cooked with all parts including the white part. Chives lose flavor when cooked so they provide a great raw garnish.


If you’re only using some of the herb, cut off what you need. If you plan to regrow them you should not cut below the white part of the plant. I use an herb scissors because it’s possibly the most convenient thing on the planet.


Once you’ve used what you need for that dish, place the stalks in a short glass or vase. I keep them tied so they don’t fall over in the glass. Submerge the roots in water and let it sit out in room temperature. Occasionally change the water throughout the week as it gets a bit cloudy.


They will start to grow instantly within a day or two. Continue cutting them and placing roots in water. How long can you keep ’em going?!


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