Benefits of Carrots

Firstly, carrots are delicious. Secondly, they come in all different colors which is very pretty. Taste the rainbowwww. So, here are some reasons carrots are a great addition to your diet. And if you don’t know… now you know.


When cooked, carrots can be very easy on the stomach. This is great for people with Crohn’s and Colitis because they provide a lot of health benefits and are easy on the intestines. They contain starchy sugars and fiber, though, so a little as a side goes a long way if those things bother your gastro-tract.



Beta-carotene is how carrots get their bright orange color. Our bodies convert this into Vitamin A. Beta-carotene is also an antioxidant which helps our immune system and also helps protect against free radicals that damage cells.

Vitamin A helps boost our immune system as well as vision and cell growth. Gotta take care of those retinas!


Biotin is the vitamin that makes your hair, nails, and skin looking beautiful. Men, this is for you too. Just because you’re not a lady doesn’t mean you can get away with dry hair and cracked nails.


Zinc is another trace element like Vitamin A. Our bodies only need a little – a little goes a long way! Like Zinc, Vitamin C has been known to ward off the common cold so if you’re on the brink of the sniffles eat some carrots or take a zinc supplement. I also read somewhere (very credible, I know) that Zinc also helps diarrhea. Bing Bang Boom.

Healthy Carbs

Carrots contain some of the lowest amounts of carbs out of the root veggies, so you can feel good about that. A medium carrot has about 6g carbohydrates. These are good carbs. So if you’re craving sugar or need a carb boost for a cardo workout then MANGIA on carrots.

Vitamin K

This vitamin is known to aid bone health. Vitamin K helps transport calcium around your body. So you eat the carrot and your body is like, “Thanks for the calcium!” and goes around to your bones and says, “here’s some for you….. and here for you… Laura ate carrots today so here is some calcium for you!”. Although carrots contain some Vitamin K, leafy greens are the real heroes of this vitamin.


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